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Welcome to the site dedicated to the Haine surname. Even though the name sounds better with an 's' on the end of it, Haine is unique and unto its own. Throughout the United States you will find variations of Hain, Haine, Haines, and of course Haynes. This site is devoted to the exploration of the Haine family tree in Butler County of Pennsylvania. Please note the unique color combination on this site. The blue and yellow color combo is common to the State of Pennsylvania, especially on its license plate.
In Germany, the name Höhn or Höehn is more common. In some states in America, those that have the surname Hoehn pronounce it just like Haine or Hane. Hoehnsburg would be the fitting home of anyone with that name. Did the ancestors bring that name here and change it? Just exactly what does Haine mean? The name Haine in German means either "groves" or "hammock." Both mean a place in the "woods." Did you know that Haine is also a small town in Germany? It is not uncommon in America dating back to the early 1700's that Europeans brought their family surname here which was also the name of the city they came from. Confusing? Genealogy and collaboration on the Hoehn surname is the intent of this site. The Family link will explore this unique surname and its origin in the State of Pennsylvania. There are plenty pictures of the Hoehn/Haine family to see. Many pictures will be posted dating family members back to the 1800's in Western Pennsylvania. I'm working on it. Thanks to family members and distant relatives, this site is able to date Hoehn relatives back to the original family members who came to America in the 1800's. You are not going to see Java applets or MacroMedia Flash on this site. No beautiful fun graphics and images. No plug-ins required. Just the facts. If you know or can share more information on the name, please share it by sending E-Mail to our staff at HAINE.ORG

Johann Valentin Hoehn HOEHN book by Dr. Larry Hoehn has just been released. Click here for details.

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